A Constituency for the Ocean

Who speaks for the ocean in the halls of government, the corporate board rooms, on the main streets, in the classrooms, in our costal communities and on the high seas?

We do.

We’re building a constituency for the ocean of people who care about its health, its life and its impact on humanity.  The Ocean Constituency is an initiative from Nautilus Ocean, the premier ocean science magazine and NautilusThink, the non-profit educational extension of Nautilus.

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Coming Up

During the Decade of the Ocean, and in furtherance of the 30×30 Initiative, Nautilus is planning to put on a series of events around the globe to focus on concrete actions that individual constituents can take to help to bring about real change at the national and international level. 

The first of these events, in March 2022, is Artists At Sea

Artists and scientists both have the ability to offer a deeper understanding of our Ocean. They, like Nautilus, are storytellers that help people to see in new ways. The Artist At Sea program brings artists aboard Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel to create original work inspired by the research. And this March, to coincide with the UN’s Ocean Conference, we’ll be bringing the gallery to land in New York’s Explorers Club.

The exhibit is designed to act as a nexus of change with an impact reaching far the beyond the four walls of the gallery.