About NautilusThink

NautilusThink promotes science, education, and the literary arts to expand public knowledge and understanding of fundamental questions of scientific inquiry and their connection to human culture. Through the creation of print, electronic, and visual media of the highest quality and depth, including Nautilus magazine, NautilusThink seeks to connect science to our everyday lives and explore the frontiers of scientific, mathematical, and philosophical inquiry and the human spirit.


Nautilus is a different kind of science magazine. Online, in print, and in the classroom, Nautilus leverages deep, undiluted, narrative storytelling to bring science into the largest and most important conversations we are having today. After all, that is where modern science— which is so personal, pervasive, spiritual, and transformative—deserves to be.

Nautilus challenges the reader to consider the deep, mysterious connecting tissue that runs through the sciences and connects them to philosophy, culture, and art. It reminds us that we are all interested in the same narratives as human beings: Who are we, what is the world we find ourselves in, and where does meaning come from? Nautilus make subtexts, hidden meanings, and fundamental truths shine through narrative that challenges the usual boundaries in science media and education.


John Steele, President
Stuart Firestein
Thomas Campbell Jackson
Paul Miller
Gayil Nalls
Gerry Ohrstrom